From a very young age Ashleigh was told she had her "head in the clouds."  For years of her adult married life, she teased that she was the "rainbows and unicorns girl."  In her thirties she got serious about improving her self and began seeking out various methods of self improvement.  After so many years of feeling ostracized for her flightiness, she came to realize that what she was really experiencing was the law of attraction fleshed out in many aspects of her life.  What Ashleigh stumbled upon was that the thing that made her feel the most misunderstood was actually her life's biggest talent; an almost super human ability to manifest some very lofty ideas almost effortlessly.  Ashleigh's belief is that we are all able to unlock our best life if we are willing to allow ourselves to dream.  If we allow ourselves a child-like ability to believe in the fairy tale and to trust our needs will be met, we will then unlock the life that was meant for us.  
Ashleigh's goal is to help others discover their true potential for health, wealth and happiness.


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