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Finding My Truth

  1. I think I have always identified myself as an entrepreneur. I mean out of high school, I would create businesses...complete with names. In fact, actually in Jr. High I had my own babysitting business- so yes...I guess you could say I was born with an entrepreneurial spirit. I was also born with a nice dose of ADD and a healthy amount of self doubt. So, while I have "created" many business opportunities for myself, they've never really panned out. My last one was owning a boutique. But after my husband started calling it my 60 hour a week "hobby" I realized I needed to make some changes. I went to work for a company- and it has served me VERY well the last five years. But after achieving my life long goal of being a flight attendant for said company, I felt my self longing again. Longing for something that was mine. Searching for a tribe to call my own. I've long been frustrated by the fact that, to date, I have not had a successful blog. And by successful, I mean, money making, sustainable blog. Not that I haven't had good ideas, I have. But they haven't spoken to my heart in a deep enough way to make the process exciting and enjoyable. Each time it became more cumbersome than it did an outlet. For the last five years I've explored what ignites much so that to do it is almost effortless. Travel is a no brainer for me, but when it came to writing and posting....I failed miserably. Photography is another one I enjoy- but still not to the point of effortlessness I am looking for. It has taken me three good years to realize that the one thing I do, that I do almost effortlessly is inspire others. I am a really good coach, a good mentor, a good motivator. So here I am. Truth finally found. And now I am sharing. My goal is a podcast once a week, with possible thoughts and other pics on an Instagram account, and finally text of the podcasts here on this site. I'm on a journey of self discovery. And the path is foggy and I don't know more than a few feet ahead. But it is allowing me to feel my way. To detach myself from the destination and just enjoy the journey. The way life was meant to be.

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